Brief Biography

Dan Hudson is a Canadian artist working with ideas that connect contemporary culture and the natural world. He utilizes cross disciplinary methodologies to create mesmerizing art projects that explore the space between objective and subjective time within the context of everyday life.

Hudson earned a BFA with honors from York University (Toronto, Canada), studied anthropology at UCSD (California, USA) and attended art residencies in Banff, Berlin and Leipzig. Over the course of his career, Hudson has received 7 international awards for various art projects and 24 peer assessed art grants. His work is regularly exhibited in group and solo exhibitions.

Dan Hudson’s technical virtuosity as an award winning professional photographer is reflected in his art practice. From 1989 to 2012, he worked as photo journalist with over 60 cover shots to his credit. Photo assignments to document extreme adventures took him to some of the wildest places on the planet. These kinds of experiences generate an intimacy and honesty to Hudson’s art.



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