360 (2015)

360 –  Twelve channel video installation (at Nickle Galleries, University of Calgary)


360 is a 12-channel multimedia art installation.  It is a year-long cycle of observations presented simultaneously in 360 degrees. It is a project that blurs the boundaries between scientific research, voyeurism, street photography, personal journal, and art.

When I moved to Berlin I didn’t know anyone and couldn’t speak the language. I was a complete outsider. There is fear and loneliness but also excitement and hope. Most notably though, I found that I became acutely attuned to the nuances of both the physical and social fabric of society.

For this reason, I decided to embrace the position of outsider as a strategy to observe and record the world around me. It is a way of seeing the things that we become blind to through familiarity. I took on the roll of a visual anthropologist covertly recording and achieving the activities, rituals and landscape of Berlin and its inhabitants.

That data has been compiled into twelve films based on the twelve 30° divisions of the Earth’s ecliptic known as the zodiac. Each video corresponds to the 30 day period of a particular zodiac.

Striving to understand the nature of time and a sense of place is at the core of the human condition. The physical structure of 360 considers the cultural history of this pursuit by referencing sun dials, Stonehenge, medicine circles, astronomical clocks and even a nod to the film, 2001 A Space Odyssey.

In Medieval Europe, astronomical clocks were created to display patterns of the cosmos such as the sun moving through the zodiac star constellations over the course of a year. In this manner, the twelve films in 360 become a clock that displays an entire cosmological year at the same time.

During the past one hundred years, Berlin has been the flashpoint for two world wars and ground zero of the cold war. It is a place that shaped the social, political and psychological landscape of the twentieth century. Interestingly though, “360” reveals a view of humanity that is not divided by its differences but rather, united through its similarities. This art work catalogs the universality of the human experience through familiar expressions and everyday gestures. It celebrates the beauty of everyday life.

2016, Nickle Gallery installation photos (12) (900)
360 – installation view, Nickle Galleries


2016, Nickle Gallery installation photos (13) (900)
360 – installation view, Nickle Galleries