360 (2012-2013)   Twelve channel video installation


Artist Statement

360 is a year-long cycle of observations from the streets of Berlin. It is a representation of the earth’s orbit as witnessed from the surface of the planet. The conceptual foundation of the project is rooted in current scientific/philosophical thinking about the nature of time and our perception of it.

The structure is based on the twelve 30° divisions of the ecliptic known as the zodiac. Each of the twelve videos corresponds to the time period of a particular zodiac or if you prefer, 30 days. For example, Aries contains footage shot between March 21 and April 19. Each zodiac is represented by a separate self-contained video composition. Together the twelve videos comprise an entire year of surveillances presented as parallel time lines.

This project is best understood as a form visual anthropology. It blurs the boundaries between field research, journalism, voyeurism, geopolitical documentation, physics, personal journal, and art.