Bow River (2015)


Bow River is a 19-channel video installation that portrays a stretch of the Bow River from its source at Bow Glacier to downtown Calgary.

A river is a geological feature that combines water, landscape and time. A river is a four dimensional phenomenon that exists more as a concept then an actual thing. I am attracted to this idea of a river as an analogy for “time”.  Rivers are also a vital aspect of human sustainability.

A river, in its entirety, is only understood through map-making or satellite imaging. From ground level, only small sections of a river can be seen at a time. Bow River combines both these viewpoints into a video installation that connects a series of ground level shots taken along the length of the river into a satellite-like overview.


2016, Nickle Gallery installation photos (33) layers (Copy)

Bow River (2015)  installation view, Nickle Galleries