Winter Hof

Winter Hof (2012),  looping 4K video


Winter Hof is a 24-hour cycle of observations in a Berlin apartment complex. During the short days of winter, indoor lights are often turned on allowing everyone to see into each other’s apartments and by extension, into each other’s lives. This video project explores cycles of time and daily ritual. It also plays on our natural voyeuristic tendencies.

On another level, Winter Hof reflects on historical examples of lateral surveillance with an eye on the present political atmosphere. Under the threat of “terrorism” the idea of surveillance has now expanded beyond our immediate neighbours onto the internet and social media. Lateral or participatory surveillance is now becoming an online pastime. We no longer need to have our lights on for other people to see into our lives. There is an emerging culture of democratized digital surveillance in which security and entertainment have blurred into voyeurism.