Articles, Reviews & Catalogues

Bow River
Avenue Magazine, February 2016


An Interview with Dan Hudson – Winter Hof
Videofocus – Stigmart10 Art Review, 2014


Dan Hudson: Between Earth & Sky
By: Joanne Marion, curator
Esplanade Arts & Heritage Gallery – exhibition notes, 2015


Dan Hudson: Theories of Entanglement
By: Steven Ross Smith
Galleries West Magazine, November 2014


Theories of Entanglement: The Art of Dan Hudson
By: Anne Ewen
Whyte Museum – exhibition catalogue, 2014


Dan Hudson: Camille
Catalogue:  vKunst – mon amie, L’image
Galerie Greulich – Frankfurt, Germany, 2014


Dan Hudson’s Shrines: The Artist as Trapper, Philospher, Illuminator
By:  Katherine Ylitalo
Stride Gallery – exhibition catalogue, 2013


Dan Hudson: News, Weather & Sports 
By: Marianne Elder
Art Gallery of Calgary – exhibition essay, 2011


Dan Hudson’s News, Weather & Sports 
By: Richard White
Galleries West Magazine,  2010