Around the Sun

Around the Sun (2010-2011) ; 3-channel video installation

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“Around The Sun” is trilogy of video / sound works that explores some of the varying and often conflicting concepts and perceptions of “time.”

The source footage for the project was obsessively filmed once a week at three different location over the course of one year. The process of gathering of the source footage is conceptually inseparable from the art work itself. I created a working methodology whereby I would be forced to repeatedly spend time at specific locations to observe and record the changing situation.

Meticulous and innovative editing techniques were employed to create a surreal (real-time, time-lapse) visual experience that becomes even more disconcerting with when combined with the complex soundscape of news, information and original music.

The viewer is suspended between the altered timescale conveyed by the artwork and the spatial, moment-to-moment experience of the work itself. It operates in the space that separates the subjective world inside our heads and objective reality.

This project was more than 3 years in the making and involved collaborations with virtuoso musicians and cutting edge audio engineers.


“Time” delineates the essence as well the parameters of our existence. Strangely though, there is little understanding of what time actually is, or if it even exists outside of our minds. In everyday life, time flies, crawls, and changes according to our actions and emotions. But time can also be measured as a steady flow by using re-occurring astrological events. For example, we have come to know one rotation of the earth as a day; the moon orbiting the earth as a month; and the earth going around the sun as a year. In the end, we only get so many trips around the sun. This art project is about one such journey around the sun.

The Installation

Three year-long time-lapse videos installed in a gallery space along with surround sound audio. Each video is filmed in a different location:


A PUBLIC PARKNews, Weather & Sports
News, Weather & Sports  (a public park)
River  (the wilderness)
Time Traveller (an outdoor cafe)







The frame of reference in each video remains fixed like a photograph. Unlike a photograph, however, the landscape continuously transforms as the seasons change and the years go by. An audio soundscape creates a counterpoint to the zen-like beauty of the visual imagery.


Around the Sun - Installation View -Spring

 Around the Sun – installation view



Awards Received for Around the Sun: 

NordArt (Germany) –  Public Choice Award, 2011
Film/Video Montecatin (Italy) – Honourable Mention, 2011
Asolo International Art Film Festival (Italy) – Special Mention, 2011
FrontDoc (Italy) – Audience Choice Award, 2010
Edmonton International Film Festival (Canada) – Jury Award, 2010