News, Weather & Sports (2010)

News, Weather & Sports (2010), looping HD video


News, Weather & Sports is a looping HD project. The video is structured on the Earth’s planetary orbit as witnessed from ground level.  This video is part of the “AROUND THE SUN” trilogy.



A year-long time-lapse documents the seasonal changes and the leisure activities of visitors to a public park. The time-lapse then appears to repeat but in fact everything continues to change. Observation and memory are engaged to explore both the linear and the cyclical aspects time. It is only through memory that we are able to perceive the existence of time. A montage of news, weather and sports audio clips creates a larger socio-political sphere for the picturesque park and its visitors. One does not exist in isolation of the other. Together they reveal some fundamental and timeless truths about how we as a species relate to each other and to the world around us.




Project:  Dan Hudson
Camera/Editing: Dan Hudson
Music Composition: Chris Jennings
Bass: Chris Jennings
Sound Design & Mix: Dan Hudson, Tyler Fitzmaurice (The Banff Centre)
Music Recording:  Piper Payne, Kypros Christodoulides, Noland Bouvier (The Banff Centre)
Audio Samples: CBC News, BBC News, CNN News, CBC Quirks & Quarks