Time Traveller (2011)

Time Traveller (2011), looping HD video


Time Traveller is a looping HD project. The video is structured on the Earth’s planetary orbit as witnessed from ground level.  This video is part of the “AROUND THE SUN” trilogy.


Disembodied voices are beamed to the surface of the planet via satellites to deliver news, ideas and information. Things seem real, but not real. “Time” is malleable. It is simultaneously stretched and compressed. Movements are in slow motion and yet a year goes by in minutes. We become a tourist, a voyeur, a time traveller suspended fixed in space on a sidewalk near an outdoor café in a small mountain town. Apparitions drift past. The earth goes around the sun and a year goes by. Another year begins. It is the same but not the same. Time is memory.




Project:  Dan Hudson
Camera/Editing: Dan Hudson
Music Composition:  Dan Hudson, Chris Jennings, Camille Watts
Musicians:  Camille Watts (flute), Luciane Cardassi (piano), Chris Jennings (bass)
Sound Design & Mix: Dan Hudson
Audio Samples:  RadioLab/NPR, The Cell/BBC4, Science in Action/BBC, Quirks & Quarks/CBC, The Current/CBC