Astronomical Landscapes – Lenticular (2015-2017)

Sun, Earth, Moon - NYC (2016)
Sun, Earth, Moon – NYC,  2016.  Animated lenticular photograph  15 x 75  inches.  (GIF representation of lenticular animation)



Astronomical Landscapes are representations of a world that is moving through space and shifting through time. They are lenticular photographs that animate to reveal the cycles of change caused by the celestial movements of the sun, the earth and the moon. The animations are activated by viewer’s movements.

These process intensive works are developed by documenting urban landscapes over time periods that correspond to the spin of the earth, the orbit of the moon, and the orbit of the earth.  Astronomical cycles are at the root of our most fundamental understanding of time.  It is within this context that we are able to develop a sense of place and give significance to the landscapes we live in.



Galaxy, CIty, Earth, 2017. Animated lenticular photograph 16 x 76 inches.



ATLAS (2016)
ATLAS, 2015.  Animated lenticular photograph  22 x 66 inches.   (GIF representation of lenticular animation)