Fragments of a Year: Barrier Lake (2014)

Fragments of a Year – Barrier Lake (2014)   (sample excerpt)


Fragments of a Year – Barrier Lake is an 8K looping video project that has roots in historical landscape painting and the theoretical ideas behind cubism. It is about how we perceive time and space in our daily lives.

The process was inspired by the way that quantum physics describes subatomic particles as existing in a state of probability. This video work imagines how the visible world might look if it behaved the same as quantum physics describes the subatomic world.

The overall structure of this project is based the changing seasons that result from the Earth’s planetary movements through space. Fragments of a Year – Barrier Lake simultaneously ties the land beneath our feet to both the expanse of the universe the subatomic fabric of reality.



2015 Fragments of a Year, Barrier Lake (5) winter 800