Measures of Time – Lenticular (2013)

Measures of Time is a public art commission that was installed December 2013 at the University of Calgary’s Taylor Digital Library and Nickle Galleries. There are two parts to the project:

  1. An installation of four lenticular photos that animate as the viewer passes along the entrance foyer. Each image represent a different celestial measure of time (day, month, years, centuries).
  2. an animated bookmark that is disseminated for free to any visitor to the library of art gallery (while supplies last).

Measures of Time, U of C Commission installed PS 800

 ARTIST STATEMENT: Measures of Time

“L’uomo misura il tempo…e il tempo misura l’uomo.”
(man measures time…and time measures man)
-Italian proverb

Our existence is defined by time and yet there is very little understanding of what time actually is. The quantification of time is a step toward understanding but more importantly it is a way for us to revere time and value life. Prehistoric measures of time based on celestial cycles are still central to our contemporary perception of reality. The earth spinning is a day; the moon orbiting the earth is a month; and the earth orbiting the sun is a year. This art project reflects on the significance of time within the context of our daily lives.

Canmore  (GIF representation of lenticular animation)












BOOKMARK (Backside & Frontside):


Bookmark DH sept 17 2013 1300hrs