Landscape Sketches (2022)

These video works are part of a series of landscape sketches in the tradition of “en plein air” painting. They are static moving images that fluctuate between the reality of being in the landscape and the psychological interpretations of those experiences.

The time distortions and visual disruptions in the works are inspired by the way quantum physics describes subatomic particles as existing in a state of probability. I adapted this notion as a strategy to create videos in which fragments of the image wander and change in unpredictable ways but remain within a probability field. These works imagine how the visible world might look if it behaved in a similar way to the subatomic world.


Robson Glacier

Sample Clip: Robson Glacier (2022) – looping HD video


Mount Assiniboine

Sample Clip: Mount Assiniboine (2022) – looping HD video


Dancing Tree

Sample Clip: Dancing Tree (2022) – looping HD video


Berg Lake

Sample Clip: Berg Lake (2022) – looping HD video