River (2011)

River (2011), looping HD video


River is a looping HD project. The video is structured on the Earth’s planetary orbit as witnessed from ground level.  This video is part of the “AROUND THE SUN” trilogy.



Two different locations are connected by a river. The visual imagery for this video project was filmed in the mountains near the source of the river. Snow blankets landscape in winter, the river swells in spring, the grass grows in the summer, and the leaves turn colour in the fall. Nothing happens, yet everything happens.  The earth orbits the sun and another year goes by. The audio was recorded in a city at the other end of the river. We hear people interacting and going about their daily routine. Everything happens yet nothing happens. The river flows by.



Project:  Dan Hudson
Camera/Editing: Dan Hudson
Music Composition:  Dan Hudson, Chris Jennings, Luciane Cardassi
Musicians:  Luciane Cardassi (piano), Chris Jennings (bass)
Sound Design & Mix: Dan Hudson
Music Recording:  The Banff Centre Audio Department
Field Recording:  Dan Hudson, Enza Apa